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Web3 Projects are taken advantage of because

projects have....

No knowledge

60% of Web3 Projects don't have the proper knowledge to hire the right market maker or know how to assess the performance of a market maker.

No Tools

70% Of We3 projects lack the tools to critically assess the performance of a market maker.

No Benchmark

Web3 projects cannot compare the performance of market makers without entering in long-term contracts.

Essential principles

For every Web3 project


Adoption = fundamentals x marketing x liquidity

Each component in the equation is equally important.
Without liquidity, users cannot buy or participate.


Market makers should...

- Provide projects with the knowledge to assess the market maker's performance.

- Provide projects with the tools to assess the market maker's performance.

- And thereby provide full transparency in their performance and share valuable insight
into the project's market.

Market Makers should provide...

The knowledge

About liquidity, market making, and how to measure performance.

The tools

To have a transparent overlook of your markets and your market maker's performance, gain valuable insights and make better decisions.

Case study: How we saved a project $6k a month by assessing their liquidity

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