How we operate

We operate on the basis of stability, transparency, and efficiency, in provisioning liquidity for Web 3 projects.

Healthy Order Books

By strategically tightening the spread and enhancing depth, we systematically provision healthy order books, thereby optimizing liquidity, reducing price volatility, and creating an efficient and robust trading environment.


You hold custody of your own assets and simply connect to our trading infrastructure via API.

Transparent Monitoring

You can track our performance and that of your market using a complementary real-time dashboard.


Strategy Control

You have full control over the behaviour of the strategy.

A robust set of benefits

Liquidity is often the missing piece in Web 3 success

Narrow Spread

A narrow spread is beneficial as it reduces the cost of trading, indicating a more liquid market and providing traders with the potential for better execution prices.

Sufficient Depth

A deep order book reduces price volatility, and allows large transactions to occur without significantly impacting the market price.

Increase Organic Volume

Deep order books and tight spreads increase organic trading volume by enhancing liquidity and market stability, thus encouraging more trading activity as transactions can be executed efficiently.

Price Stability

We ensure your markets have the same prices across all your exchange listings.

CEX Listings

We can streamline the process of gaining Centralized Exchange (CEX) listings for your coin, thereby enhancing its visibility, liquidity, and market penetration.

Attract Investors

Liquidity and price stability create an attractive investment environment that inspires confidence and drives investor interest.

Continuous Support

Flexible Contracts

24/7 Support


CEX listing support


How we have helped projects

Without commitments or payments upfront

Valentin Mihov
Co-Founder Enflux
Jelle Buth
Co-Founder Enflux


2 week free market making

To benchmark our performance to your current market-maker or find out how liquidity can boost project adoption.


Free market health assessment

We will analyze your markets without any commitments, rate your market's health and assess your market maker's performance.

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