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We're committed to restoring trust in crypto market making through transparency, control, and market insight, achieved by building a globally distributed team of experts. With our tailored infrastructure and services, projects gain a solid foundation for success, growth, and broader adoption.

Founding Enflux

Valentin Mihov and Jelle Buth founded Enflux in late 2022 amidst a challenging crypto bear market, aiming to introduce transparency and innovative tools to stabilize the industry's liquidity aspect. Valentin brings a wealth of experience from the High-Frequency Trading and AI sectors, complemented by Jelle's expertise in Market Making consultancy and research. They envision Enflux to be a globally distributed enterprise, operating with the agility and innovation of a technology company rather than a traditional corporate entity.


Explore exciting opportunities at Enflux, where we are hiring diverse professionals with extensive backgrounds in technology, market making and hedge funds. Join our global team dedicated to driving innovation in the dynamic digital asset industry.

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