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Build the Future of Your Token Today

Our flagship program offers unique benefits to new and existing projects.

OTC Investment

Up to $5M in OTC Investments as part of the program as well as general fundraising support through our VC network.

Market Making

Up to 3 months of full market making support at no cost.

Expert Support

360 support from experts on product, token markets, marketing, fundraising, etc.

Growth Environment

Opportunity to build alongside a cohort of promising teams.

And More!

Access to mentorship, workshops, and partner spaces.

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Boost Adoption of Your Token

The program is designed for teams launching their token and teams migrating from another service provider.

Selected projects will have their market making fees fully covered for the duration of the program, get assistance with token launch procedures such as listings and launchpad negotiations.

The program also offers the possibility to get OTC investment of up to $5M.

Benefits That Help You Grow

Free Market Making

Get your market making costs covered for the duration of the grant program.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with other grant recipients and collaborate on marketing, product development, and more.

Marketing Support

Take advantage of marketing sprints designed to boost your presence on social media and other digital platforms.

Expert Know-How

Access educational sessions from experts at Enflux and beyond, giving your team the knowledge and the tools needed for growth.

Round-the-Clock Assistance

Get assistance in key areas like marketing and technical support from our experienced partners.

Business Support for Alumni

Access continued networking and investment opportunities to ensure your project keeps succeeding even after the grant period.

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Submit your project details along with token information to initiate the application process.



Our team will thoroughly review your application to assess its alignment with our grant criteria.



If your application is successful, you will receive a notification confirming your acceptance into the grant program.



Once confirmed, you will gain access to the exclusive benefits and resources provided to support your project's development and success.

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What Do Startups Get Out of the Program?

Planning (Week 1-2)

Understanding your token goals, sharing best strategies and tools to achieve these goals. Refining your market knowledge through strategic meetings. Gearing up for execution.

Execution (Week 3-12)

If you're launching a new token, we'll guide you through the entire process, from leveraging our launchpad and exchange partnerships to streamlining listings and ensuring smooth price discovery. We'll also provide ongoing market support to help your token thrive.

For existing tokens, we first identify areas for improvement, then implement strategies to establish deep and reliable liquidity. We'll help you tighten spreads, maintain sufficient depth, and stimulate organic trading activity, ensuring the long-term sustainability of your markets.

Ongoing Support (Week 12+)

Get the opportunity to showcase your product to the wider Enflux network. For selected projects, we consider an OTC investment of up to $5M as well as potential fundraising support.


What will I get by participating in the grant program

Get up to three months of zero-cost market making, network with 100+ Enflux partners, and access OTC investment of up to $5M. Receive expert coaching on trading markets and assistance with listings and exchange relationships.

What is the duration of the grant program?

The grant is a 12-week flagship program designed to jumpstart your token performance. Our support continues even after the program ends.

What are the selection criteria for the grant program?

Reach your full potential as a token project

Duration: 12 weeks
Benefit: zero-cost market making
Potential: up to $5M in OTC investment