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Our Sustainable Capital Inflow Services

Enflux's OTC (Over-the-Counter) Deals offer a unique opportunity for daily transactions where clients can exchange their tokens for USDT or USD at a specially discounted rate. These deals are characterized by a guaranteed capital inflow, ensuring a reliable and advantageous financial exchange for our clients. Furthermore, we adeptly manage the liquidation process, ensuring minimal price impact on the market, thereby maximizing the financial benefits for our clients while maintaining market stability.

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Transparent & Collaborative

Enflux thrives on transparency and collaboration, forging trust through verification and fostering mutual growth with clients. Weekly meetings, education on market dynamics, and token-based payments ensure a strong, aligned partnership for success.

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What Sets Us Apart

Predictable Capital Inflow

Secure a consistent flow of capital with Enflux. Our OTC trading services enable your project to raise necessary funds while preserving asset value and market stability.

Transparent Liquidation Process

Transparency is paramount in our liquidation process. We provide clear and detailed information at every step, ensuring your confidence and trust in the capital raising journey.

Reduced Price Impact

Utilize our high-performance algorithms designed to execute trades with minimal market impact. These tools are crucial in maintaining asset value during funding activities.

Sustainable OTC Deals

Our focus lies in equitable wins for all. Through sustainable OTC deals, we minimize price impact, ensuring projects receive cash flow while shielding retail users from feeling the impact on prices.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Maintain full discretion with Enflux. We guarantee the confidentiality of all your transactions, ensuring secure and private management of your digital assets.

Access to Institutional Investors

Connect with institutional investors through Enflux. Our network opens doors to substantial investment opportunities, enhancing your project's financial resources.

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Our Clients' Triumph Stories

Superior Service

Enflux stands out in the market making landscape for their exceptional collaborative efforts and cutting-edge technology, driving significant contributions to market growth. Their innovative approaches and reliable services not only enhance market efficiency but also set new standards in the industry.

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Proactive Collaboration

Enflux’s proactive approach and willingness to assist is impressive. They anticipate challenges and provide practical solutions in a clear manner. Transparency and collaboration being their main priority is perfect because we share that.


How do you liquidate tokens?

Our goal is to liquidate tokens with minimal or no direct price impact by providing sell liquidity, enabling traders and investors to purchase tokens with reduced slippage. We avoid using market orders for liquidation to prevent affecting the market price, and after each sell, we adjust the sell liquidity to support an upward price trend. We are committed to transparency and offer real-time insights into our "soft-liquidation" process.

What is the difference between soft and hard liquidations?

Soft liquidations involve placing limit sell orders, aiming to sell tokens to market buyers with a reduced impact on the price. In contrast, hard liquidations, which involve market selling, tend to increase the price impact.

How do I know my project is ready for a sustainable OTC deal?
How do I know you are not impacting the market price?

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