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Boost Adoption through Market Making

By providing transparent and top-tier liquidity, market making has the potential to grow your project exponentially.

Boost trading volume

Enflux cultivates thriving markets by mitigating volatility, ensuring robust activity and sustained liquidity for optimal trading experiences.

Attract investors

Offering substantial order book depth empowers investors to execute larger orders confidently, fostering trust and growth.

Increase adoption

Enflux facilitates widespread adoption by maintaining tight spreads and ensuring price stability across multiple exchanges, encouraging participation.

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Don't blindly trust, verify your market maker!

With our advanced analytics, you don’t need to blindly trust us about the results we bring. Observe real-time trading and liquidity analytics.

Verifiable results and performance

We provide projects with the tools and the knowledge to verify our performance.

Valuable insights

Better understand your markets. Gain valuable insights and make better decisions that go beyond simple trading volume metrics.


Analytics that show the real performance of a market maker over any given time period.

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Ongoing collaboration at every stage

At Enflux, collaboration isn't just a buzzword; it's the essence of our approach.

What Sets Us Apart

100% Transparent

Experience unparalleled transparency through our unique dashboards. Dive into real-time liquidity insights, empowering you with clear visibility and understanding every step of the way.

Collaborative Approach

We're your market-making experts, revealing the hidden world of trading and liquidity. Together, we'll navigate the complex landscape of crypto with transparency and help you make better decisions by meeting on a weekly basis.

Custom Alerting

Receive custom alerts and market updates such as abnormal trading activities on your exchange.

Unique 2-week FREE Trial

Don’t trust, verify our service with our 2-week free trial.

CEX and DEX Coverage

Trade on more than 33 CEXs and 15+ DEX.

Custom Strategy Development

Need anything custom? Our dev team can build custom strategies tailored to the projects needs.

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Our Clients' Triumph Stories

Superior Service

Enflux stands out in the market making landscape for their exceptional collaborative efforts and cutting-edge technology, driving significant contributions to market growth. Their innovative approaches and reliable services not only enhance market efficiency but also set new standards in the industry.

Damian Miles

Proactive Collaboration

Enflux’s proactive approach and willingness to assist is impressive. They anticipate challenges and provide practical solutions in a clear manner. Transparency and collaboration being their main priority is perfect because we share that.

Our Partners Empower Your Growth

We've created the ultimate Web3 ecosystem which you can tap into from day one. 33+ exchanges and counting!


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and more!


and more!


Do I need additional funds?

As a Market Making as a Service (MMaaS) provider, we maintain a non-custodial approach to asset management. Clients are required to directly fund their exchange accounts with the necessary tokens and quote assets. The funding volume is determined by your specific liquidity needs, including factors like market depth.

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What is the difference between Proprietary MM and MMaaS?

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